Tim Eitel

German artist Tim Eitel (b. 1971) likes to play with realism when combining a skilled technique with a photographic picture universe. His paintings are accurate and at the same time resembling a traditional still life with symbolic implication. A silky grey background is one of Eitel’s distinctive marks. Eitel often uses his own photographs as inspiration to the motifs integrated in the dim and abstract spaces. He subtracts a social situation from his photographs and transforms it into painting. He isolates the motifs from their context and sets them into focus in a persistent and focused manner creating a modern version of a still life today.

The lithographs made by Eitel at Edition Copenhagen draw upon personal and collective inspiration. A boy standing in a puddle in a bright yellow raincoat is an image Eitel has taken from a private photo. He has turned the image into a melancholic scene with a substance beyond his private relations. Eitel’s concern with homeless people has the other way around been turned into a personal portrayal with social significance.

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