Last updated February 3, 2015


Edition Copenhagen ships internationally to most parts of the world. If you can’t find your country on our country list at the checkout page, please contact us for further details and arrangements.

The lithographs are transported in special designed tubes or flat packs depending on the size and quantity. Both packing are very suitable for art transportation. Furthermore we cooperate with UPS, who makes sure your lithographs arrive in the best condition. As a standard we do not ship framed lithographs.

An art transport insurance is included in our shipping rates

Our shipping rates (last updated February 3, 2015)

Denmark EUR 23,5
Countries in EU (besides Denmark) EUR 67
Norway, Iceland and Greenland EUR 95
North America EUR 175
Asia, The Middle East, South America, Africa EUR 240

There may be destinations, that we can’t deliver to and therefore Edition Copenhagen reserves the right to cancel an order, if we aren’t sure that your lithographs will arrive in the best condition.

Furthermore there are also destinations, where we would have to recalculate the shipping price, and therefore Edition Copenhagen reserves the right to change the shipping price depending on the shipping destination.

If you have any questions or concerns about our shipping policy, your order etc. please reach out to us at or +45 32543311


Edition Copenhagen offers the possibility to checkout as a private person or a company, which affects the VAT calculation. Edition Copenhagen reserves the right to cancel or change an order if the following CVR validation fails.


If you, as a private person, place an order from a EU country you will pay Danish VAT at 25%, which will be added in the end of your order. If your order is placed from other countries beside the EU countries or if you are a company who order, your order will not include the Danish VAT. However, you may have to pay some tax or duties at your destination, which Edition Copenhagen is not responsible for.
All of the prices on are shown both with and without Danish VAT. When you choose your country at the checkout page the system will add Danish VAT depending on your destination and whether you are a private person or a company.   


As a standard all of the prices are in EUR. However it is possible to choose between six different currencies on the site (DKK, USD, GBP, SEK, NOK and EUR). Edition Copenhagen reserves the right to cancel or change an order if there is an error in the currency calculation.  


The Danish copyright law protects all content on such as logo and images. The content may not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form without a written agreement from Edition Copenhagen A/S.